“The Benevolent” provides food supplement of variety and high nutrition. Each household is eligible to receive food once per month. Every person in need receives protein, potatoes, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, canned vegetables, cereal, cooking ingredients, and other food products as available on the current market or through donations. We currently deliver to over 300 elderly or infirm.
New and used clothing donated by stores, manufacturers, and individuals is distributed at the operations center. Many things other than clothing are also donated — household goods, toilet articles, bedding, furniture and school supplies, for example. Especially appreciated are children’s toys at Christmas. Last year many families received clothing from the York Benevolent Associations as well as toys during the holidays.
Every Friday during the school year, 400 school children go home with a backpack filled with food staples. Working closely with volunteers from Eastminster Presbyterian Church, children in the city and suburban school districts benefit from this program. The goal is to expand to more school districts.
For families in financial emergency during the winter months, “The Benevolent” assists in the payment of gas, natural gas, propane, electricity and fuel oil delivery. Throughout York County, families were helped in this way last winter. In addition, the Harry King Fund allows “The Benevolent” to provide a variety of shoes to people in need.
“The Benevolent” has two part-time employees, and depends on the help of approximately 30 volunteers as administrative expenses are kept to a minimum. Last year we provided monthly food supplements to over to 850 families.

Our operating budget this year is $200,000. This budget allows us to not only feed and keep warm the people of York County, but will also continue to keep our low cost operation in service for the coming year. Your contribution will help us achieve our goal and we thank you for it.
P.O. Box 5041, York, PA 17405

301 Kings Mill Road, York, PA 17403
(717) 854-2494

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