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The YORK BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION is the oldest charitable organization in York County. It was formed in 1863 to provide aid for widows and orphans of Civil War soldiers. The number of eligible recipients grew to include the worthy poor of York County, and the Association began to work in quiet efficiency to address these needs. It continues to do so today. The original charter was drafted in 1874. Formal incorporation in 1893 specified as its purpose the provision of food, clothing, shoes and fuel. This purpose remains constant today; service has never stopped.

The Board of Managers has maintained a vigorous, hands-on involvement and believes that money given should be spent directly for the purpose intended — to feed and help the poor. This complete independence has been a major factor in the Association's success.

There will always be those in need. "The Benevolent" continues its pledge to respond quickly, skillfully, and with caring.

Serving York County Since 1863

A Board of Managers, a volunteer group consisting of 10-30 local citizens, oversees the operation by maintaining a vigorous, hands-on involvement dedicated to the belief that money donated should be spent for the purpose intended — to feed and help the poor.
Stephen H. Stetler (President)
Christopher Stock (Vice President)
Kelly S. Overlander (2nd Vice President)
Kerry J. Spangler (Treasurer)
C. Kim Bracey (Secretary)

Amy C. Brillinger
Joel H. Cavadel
Ryan J. Dieter
Lee E. Hankey
Beth J. Kern
George Lenkner
Michael Santaniello
Samuel A. Willman

John F. Barbor (Emeritus)
D. Scott Stauffer (Emeritus)
Dean K. Norbeck (Emeritus)
Alfred H. WaIbrecker (Emeritus)

Carleen Farabaugh (Superintendent)
Donna Williams (Financial Administrator)
P.O. Box 5041, York, PA 17405

301 Kings Mill Road, York, PA 17403
(717) 854-2494

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